Le Pacte Des Loups (Brotherhood of the Wolf)

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Le Pacte Des Loups (Brotherhood of the Wolf)

Post by Asshander » Mon Apr 02, 2007 2:52 pm

Yeah, it's French. Shut up.

Ok, so this came out a few years ago and I wanted to see it, but surprise, never got around to it. Fast forward to several months ago and a coworker gave it to me to watch. Well, I'd been meaning to watch it (among many other things) and finally did today (imagine that).

I wish I would have watched it sooner. I really wish I would have seen it in the theater. The movie, in a nutshell, is a sort of horror-action-period flick with some fantastic, well, everything.

It's 18th century France and a beast is on the loose killing women and children. The king has had men hunting for the beast, without success, and so he sends in a man who is a naturalist that works for him at his Royal Garden. With the help of a friend, the naturalist is to help track down the beast, a "giant wolf," and help rid the land of this monster.

I can not strongly suggest viewing this movie enough if you haven't seen it. There's a lot of mystery involved, some great action, and wonderful scenes. The director, Christophe Gans (no relation, I think) did an amazing job. It reminds me of Crouching Tiger in that the movie feels more like a work of art than your average action movie.

Add to that the actors all do everything from a good-to-wonderful job (including Monica Bellucci, who I totally love), and you have yourselves one hell of a good film.

It's a bit of an investment at just short of two and a half hours (the DVD version is apparently extended from the theatrical release, and from Gans himself, is the "official" version of the movie), but is very much so worth the time. The deleted scenes are also very interesting, especially with Gans explaining the hows and whys of some of the decisions involved in editing the film. His passion for the movie, and movie making in general, is very clear as he talks about scenes that he (in many cases) wanted in the movie but couldn't put them in for various reasons.

So, check it out -- but do yourself a favor and set the dialogue to French and read the sub-titles. You'll thank me for it later.

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Post by Devil's Child » Tue Apr 03, 2007 10:45 am

This was actually one of the flicks I watched while I tried to pass those long summer days in Oregon (2 summers ago). I was drawn to it because the chairman of Iron Chef America, Mark Dacascos, plays Mani, the Iroquoi (who is pretty good at martial arts in the action scenes if I recall correctly).

Definately recommended.

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