Threat Level

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Threat Level

Post by Devil's Child » Fri Mar 18, 2005 2:25 pm

Although I have been aware for some time now of the DHS's "Threat Level" indicators, I've never had the desire to check

But today I did...and it was an absurd waste of two minutes.

How much difference is there really between a "Code Orange" (code for high risk of terrorist attacks), a "Code Yellow" (code for significant risk of terrorist attack), and a "Code Blue" (code for general risk of terrorist attack)?

First of all, I think these intermediary levels can be scrapped; let's cut the BS and decide, does there exist a terrorist attack or not? Yes or no? Black and white!

Second of all, some government asshat got the color spectrum wrong. Everyone learns the numonic for the color spectrum is "ROY G BIV" in junior high. The human perception of blue is elicited by light with a shorter wavelenth than that of light associated with green. Now the rest of the US is going to be pushed even further inferior in terms of education compared to the rest of the world. (Thanks Uncle Sam; although this isn't the first time).

And who's the chump in charge of the changing the colors (heightening or subsiding the terror alert)? Are they using the same reliable intelligence that the rest of the governement is basing their decisions on? Probably...

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