In the market for a Chromecast?

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In the market for a Chromecast?

Post by Gomer » Tue Dec 16, 2014 1:40 pm

Pretty killer Chromecast deal out there right now thru Chromecast on sale for $29.99 (regular price $34.99), and it comes with a $20 Google Play credit.

That alone is a pretty good deal (assuming you give a shit about the Google Play credit), but then the Google Play Store itself has a bunch of separate offers that you can add onto your BB purchase. I'll let the text from this CNET article explain:
If you don't yet own a media streamer or just need another one, Best Buy has arguably the deal to beat (this week, anyway): A Google Chromecast for $29.99 and free two-day shipping (plus tax). When you add it to your cart, you'll see a $20 Google Play credit.

But wait, there's more. Zip on over to Google's own Chromecast Offers page and you can score a second $20 Google Play credit. And two free months of Hulu Plus. And 90 days of Google Play Music. And three months of DramaFever Premium. Oh, and the very first "X-Men" movie, yours to keep. Whew!
The catch with the Hulu+ subscription is that you need to be a new subscriber - BOO! But otherwise you're getting $40 worth of Google Play credit for a $30 device - not too shabby.

I was looking for a reason to pick up a 2nd Chromecast, and I think I might've found one.

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