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Post by Gomer » Wed Oct 12, 2011 9:31 am

Day 83 - 10:20am
Total friends: 1,485
Friend requests from other people: 142 (+1)
Event invitations: ???

Pending friend requests: 51
Times unfriended (since 8/10/11): 3 + 24 profile deactivations

Decent day yesterday, pretty much keeping the standard march upward. Good chance of crossing the 1500 friend threshold today. I'd say that's the most significant milestone since the 1k mark.

I think at this point I've just decided to take Jesus to the maximum friend limit. It's become part of my morning routine - log into my computer, check out Jesus' stats, update this forum. I'm kinda like Rain Man now - if I break this routine, I might just start screaming and slapping myself in the face every morning. :o

Assuming we hit 1500 today, and further assuming that he holds steady at 20 new friends per day, that means it'll take him approximately 175 more days to cross the 5k mark. Less than 6 months! I think that banner event WILL call for a celebration of some sort.

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