The saga of Jobu's online alter ego, and his quest to be a complete and total social whore.

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Post by Gomer » Tue Oct 11, 2011 9:23 am

Day 82 - 10:10am
Total friends: 1,465
Friend requests from other people: 139 (+1)
Event invitations: ???

Pending friend requests: 97
Times unfriended (since 8/10/11): 7 + 23 profile deactivations

So back on something of a more normal schedule today. The last few days have been quite hectic and afforded me little time to have Jesus socialize with the online community. But as you can see by the number of FR's from others, he has continued to crank right along despite my negligence. I mentioned it yesterday, but I may test out his appeal by cutting off all spam requests for a full week, just to see how many FRs keep rolling in. An experiment within the experiment, if you will. OMG Inception! But I've kinda already observed something like that during the instances where he was banned.

Ah, here's a thought! Purposely get him banned so he can conduct said mini-experiment with his new-found popularity. :D

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