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Post by Gomer » Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:41 am

Day 27 - 9:40am
Total friends: 652
Friend requests from other people: 18
Event invitations: 57

Pending friend requests: 0
Friend refusals: 2
Times unfriended (since 8/10/11): 2

So yeah, not much is gonna be going on for the next week or so. Getting hit with the banstick hasn't stopped Jesus from getting invited to all sorts of events in the LA area - almost 60 now! And one more profile deactivation showed up - wonder what's up with that.

I'll still be logging in occasionally to check on Jesus' status and what not, but FB has my hands tied at the moment so I don't anticipate anything super exciting happening over the next 6 days. Unless I can think of something interesting that doesn't involve adding friends...hmm.

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