Lots of new guns lately (and in the near future)

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Lots of new guns lately (and in the near future)

Post by Asshander » Sun Aug 22, 2010 7:10 pm

Was at Target the other day and noticed there's a new gun or two out, as well as "clear" versions of several existing ones.

The Stampede looks pretty groovy and is essentially a machine gun (it's battery powered). Early word on it looks like it does ok stock, but a quick perusal of the thread didn't indicate how easily it can be modded (Vulcan-like battery mod aside). I'm curious if it could handle a spring replacement or not since it's mechanized for the priming/cocking. And check out those 18 round magazines -- nice! Looks like it's not out for another few weeks, though.

The Alpha Trooper looks like yet another Recon-based gun, so it doesn't seem like it'll have the best modding possibilities. Still, it's nice to see a Nerf gun with a shotgun grip on it. Also, the 18 round drum is pretty cool as the 35 round drum can be a little bulky sometimes.

The Spectre looks to combine the worst of two worlds, the Maverick and the Recon. It's not out until October, but I don't have high hopes for it.

The Barrel Break looks like the first shotgun that I can think of that Nerf has made. For bonus points, it's a double-barrel shotty. Nice! Looks like it's available now ($20) and the reviews on TRU are quite positive with someone claiming 50' stock range (I imagine that's angled and wrong to begin with).

The Deploy came out a while ago I think and it's basically a smaller Recon with a shotgun grip (but a crappy one compared to the Alpha Trooper's grip).

There's also clear (as in, clear plastic instead of painted) versions of the Recon, Raider, Longshot (or maybe it was the Longstrike or maybe both), Nitefinder, Maverick, Vulcan, and possibly others as well (at least I think I saw those ones). I imagine they're the same internals as the opaque versions, but they do stand out. Might be cool to have one of those if you have it all tricked out inside.

Time for some new guns and another war? Or some HvZ (heavily modified for time, of course)?

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