Weekly TV Roundup - 4/25/07

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Weekly TV Roundup - 4/25/07

Post by Gomer » Wed Apr 25, 2007 3:39 pm

None of the shows really grabbed me this week. Kinda disappointing.

The Sopranos
As this show winds down, I'm watching every week wondering what the major storylines will be that wrap it up completely. This week seemed like a huge filler episode to me. I'm not really seeing (and maybe they're just being very subtle about it) what direction the show is going to take as it comes to a conclusion. This week, Tony and Paulie take off to Miami for a while to lay low from the feds who are digging up an old body linked to the two of them. It looked like they were using that whole plot to illustrate Tony's underlying contempt for Paulie. The best scene of the episode was where they are both on the boat and Tony seems to genuinely contemplate taking Paulie out. As I was watching, I honestly wasn't sure what they were gonna do. As it turns out, Paulie lives to fight another day, but the tension in that scene was crazy. Anyway, it's always good to see Paulie again, he doesn't seem to get much screen time anymore.

We also get to see Uncle June for the first time this season, and he's living it up in some sort of mental hospital. I guess he's not being prosecuted for shooting Tony last season (or earlier this season...whatever). He hooks up with a young guy with some obvious anger management issues. It was definitely funny watching him run the poker game while the other mentals threw down on some 5-card stud. Speaking of which - 5 card stud - what the fuck? I didn't realize people still played that. Anyway, Junior ends up beating the shit out of some other old guy, which was pretty funny. The Junior gets the shit beat out of him by his young friend, after pissing off Mr. Anger Management. Nothing like watching an early 20-something go to town on an octogenarian (or maybe Uncle June is in his 70s...still funny regardless).

And at the end of the episode, Mr. New York gets popped. Looks like Phil Leotardo will be heading up the New York family now.

While the whole thing was pretty amusing, I was just left wondering what it all meant in the grand scheme of things, if anything. I guess I expect every episode this season to work towards some common grandiose storyline that will close out the show's run. This week, I didn't get that sense at all, save for what occurred with New York (and that whole bit only took about 3-4 minutes of the entire episode).

A couple of things I was left wondering about last week that I completely forgot to mention:

- Meadow is no longer engaged to Fin? What happened with that?
- Why is AJ's woman being such a twat lately? And why is AJ putting up with it? Oh wait, it's because he's a tool.

Blah. Very predictable episode. There was no tension at all during the whole Cheng/Jack/Audrey exchange. It was a forgone conclusion that A) Jack wouldn't die, B) Audrey wouldn't die, and C) Cheng would escape with the chip. The political storyline continues to underwhelm me. And now it looks like they're going to play the amnesia-card with Audrey - ugh. Well, maybe it's not amnesia exactly, but she's clearly fucked in the head in some way. I hated when they did this in Season 1 with Jack's wife, and I'm still not a big fan of it. Jack ends up getting arrested for the umpteenth time in the show's run, and it looks like the rest of the season will be spent hunting down Cheng and keeping the Russians from realizing what has occurred (though from next week's previews it looks like they will find out pretty quick). Oh, and Bill Buchanan gets to "take one for the administration" and gets canned by his wife. That must suck. I'm sure he will still play a role in some capacity for the rest of the season.

The Shield
For some reason, I had a real hard time following what was going on this week as far as the whole gang war deal with the "Revolution." Maybe I just need to watch it again. We get to see Vic blow a gasket in the hospital though - that was interesting. Again, I wasn't sure why he was so upset about the banger dying. I guess it had something to do with Lem and the books - maybe? Again, I just didn't get it. Maybe I'll watch it again tonight.

We got to see the new guy in action for the first time, and I wasn't terribly impressed. Maybe his character just needs time to grow on me some. Props to Claudette for being as underhanded as she was this week - very unlike her. My suspicion is that eventually Vic will discover that the "review committee" (or whatever she called it) is bogus and will raise hell about it. Oh, and lets not forget that Julian will be joining the Strike Team. I certainly didn't see that coming, and it'll be real interesting to see how he gets along with everyone, given their respective pasts.

Overall, it seemed a lot less "edgy" as the last few eps had been. It's unrealistic to expect them to keep running at that pace the entire season though. But next week's episode...oh boy. From the previews it looked awesome.

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