Weekly TV Roundup - 4/19/07

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Weekly TV Roundup - 4/19/07

Post by Gomer » Thu Apr 19, 2007 11:48 am

The Sopranos
Decent episode this week. We got to see the return of Chris and what he has been up to since we last saw him. Apparently, he's married and has a kid now? I vaguely remember his wife from last season, but they didn't have a kid (I don't think). And whatever happened to the real estate agent/heroine addict we last saw him fraternizing with? Barely any mention of her. It really bugs the shit out of me when they do things like this - incorporate characters and set up storylines that appear to be of significance, only to seemingly forget about them later on. I suppose it's possible Julianna Margulies character will return later this season, but I didn't really get that impression after watching this week's episode. Ah well.

Anyway, Chris is on his way to becoming a big movie producer in Hollywood. We get to see some scenes from "Cleaver," and I have to say that based on what I saw, I'd be interested in checking the movie out if it didn't exist only in a fictional mob show. J.T. the writer, AKA "Christopher Moltisanti's personal bitch" returns yet again to take a beating from Chrissy. That's always fun to watch. I guess they're setting up a whole "Christopher resents Tony" angle to play out over the course of the rest of the show's run.

Oh, and Johnny Sac loses the battle with cancer. Which was interesting because I didn't even realize he had cancer in the first place. Was this something they informed us about last season and I simply forgot about? I wasn't really sure what to make of Johnny Sac's death this week - it didn't really seem to have a point. I figured they would've played it out over several episodes, and was pretty surprised when they actually killed him off this week. The resulting power vacuum with the New York family led to a pretty good restaurant scene with Sylvio. And it seems like Phil Leotardo still isn't quite satisfied with how things played out with Tony B., and has plans to "make things right" as he sees it. I'm thinking this will involve him going after Chris. If that's the case, I'm thinking things will explode between the 2 families. I have to say that'd be a pretty good way to close out the series.

Like I said, I thought this week's ep was decent, even if it was primarily more setup for the rest of the season. It's only week two, so being a setup-heavy episode is forgivable IMO. It's when the setup-heavy episodes permeate the end of the season (a la last season) that I get pissed off and uninterested. And since that really can't happen at the end of this season (being the last season and all), I look forward to how everything is going to play out.

Speaking of "setup" episodes that come towards the end of the season...

I was a little disappointed with this week's episode of 24, especially after last week's awesome display of Jack Bauer asshanding goodness. They've shifted gears (as far as the storyline goes) pretty dramatically in the last couple of weeks - going from "finding suitcase nukes" to "saving Audrey." We get to see Jack yet again offer himself up as a sacrificial lamb for the greater good - we've only seen that about a million times on this show. The highlight of the episode came when he totally schools Doyle and kicks his ass out of the car leaving him god knows where on the 101 freeway (or was it the 118...whatever).

I felt the political side of the story was very predictable this week. I literally called out loud a good 10 minutes before it happened that Palmer was going to have a relapse and Daniels would reassume power and put the kibosh on Jack's plan. I have to say I'm really not caring for any of the characters on the political side of things this season, save for VP Daniels. Powers Boothe has a pretty good "I don't take shit from anyone" persona going for him and the look he had on his face as he stuffed that resignation back into his jacket pocket was priceless.

I'm hoping that next week will be when we really start marching towards the crescendo that will be the season finale. There's only, what, 5-6 episodes left? I'm still holding out hope that this season won't be a huge disappointment, as I've been less than thrilled with it as a whole so far.

The Shield
The show that can do no wrong.

You have to love how Vic is just absolutely hellbent on finding Guardo. Awesome. That coupled with Shane's growing remorse over not only unnecessarily killing Lem but dealing with the fallout is making for an awesome season thus far. Speaking of which, Shane's remorse gets kicked up another notch when Vic caps Guardo in cold blood. God damn. Vic is just insane with rage so far this season. And the way he mercilessly pummeled Guardo with that chain - jesus!

Another thing I really liked about this week's ep is that for the first time ever, we get to see Ronnie taking the lead on his own case (with Dutch and Billings) and totally kicking ass. I always pegged Ronnie as the most "cautious" guy on the Strike Team, but he really showed Dutch and Billings how to get shit done this week.

With Vic's rage being tempered by the murder of Guardo and his assumption that Guardo was solely responsible for Lem's murder, he seems to be coming back down to Earth. I suspect that it's only a matter of time before the info Dutch received about Guardo not even being in the country for the past few weeks reaches Vic and he wonders what the fuck has been going on.

Then things oughtta get really interesting.

Looks like the new guy starts next week. And here's a bit of trivia for you - he'll be played by none other than the real life son of Bon Scott. Yes, that Bon Scott. That's the rumor anyway.

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Post by Asshander » Sat Apr 21, 2007 12:13 pm

I've had a bit of a rough week, and I just got around to finally watching about 30 minutes ago. I really don't have a whole lot to add to the conversation, but Vic's absolute lack of remorse is making for a show with a lot of tension, and one that isn't easy to watch.

Interesting about his replacement showing up next week, though. Even more interesting if it's Bon Scott's son. Can't say I saw any resemblance in the preview, but who knows?

On a side note, if Vic has about a month for retirement, does that mean the rest of this season and all of next will play out over that time frame? Or will we be getting some civilian Vic next season? Or maybe he'll just say "fuck this" and won't retire.

Interesting possibilities.

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