The mighty Sizzler!

Now here by popular demand, dis muthafucka' be where all mah homies straight come ta talk 'bout they fine dining experiences. Did dat place have some FINE grub? Or was they tryin ta playa-hate on yo' crazy-phat ass?

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The mighty Sizzler!

Post by Gomer » Mon Sep 19, 2005 9:33 am

Those of you that make a habit of fraternizing with yours truly on the weekends probably remember ye olde days when we used to visit the Sizzler in west Palmdale quite often for dinner. After several years of patronage, we ended up swearing off of the "izzle" (as the mislighted sign proudly proclaimed) after a string of visits that consisted of both particularly bad service and food.

A few months ago I noticed they had made some renovations to the exterior of the restaurant. "Could this be an indication that perhaps the inner workings have been upgraded as well?" I wondered. Never being brave enough to see for myself, I largely ignored the changes, and continued to ignore that particular Sizzler.

Until yesterday.

After doing a bit of running around down in Newhall late yesterday afternoon, myself, Marsha, and Mike E. were driving around west Palmdale looking for somewhere to grab some dinner. After the mall proved fruitless, we found ourselves driving past the new (and presumably improved) west Palmdale Sizzler. After a bit of deliberation, we decided to see if the new Sizzler decor also meant an improved Sizzler dining experience.

Upon entering the building, it was obvious that they'd done a bit of renovations on the inside to match the outside, but the overall layout was the same. After perusing their menu for a few minutes, I decided to go with my old favorite - Steak and All-You-Can-Eat Shrimp. Can't go wrong with that badboy. Unbeknownst to me, Mike decides that he also would like the Steak and AYCES. As Marsha is still deciding what she wants, Mike walks up to the counter and orders. Upon requesting the Steak and AYCES, he is informed by the cashier that they are currently all out of the AYCE shrimp. Bummer. So he goes ahead and orders the shrimp scampi dish. Meanwhile, having overheard none of this, Marsha and I walk up to a separate cashier. I ask for the Steak and AYCES - and the cashier happily obliges me! We get our drinks and go find a table. After sitting down, Mike tells me that his cashier said that they were all out of the AYCE shrimp. I tell him that mine said nothing of the sort - but we'll see what happens when they bring the food out.

The food comes and sure enough - I get my AYCE shrimp. Obviously annoyed, Mike requests a manager. The manager arrives and he tells her the situation. Clearly, they do have some AYCE shrimp available - I'm eating some as we speak. She assures him that she will investigate the matter and walks off. Several minutes later, she returns to say that they are, in fact, all out of the AYCE shrimp, and that she will give him a voucher for a free order on his next visit. Now wait a minute - they're claiming to be all out of shrimp? So does that mean I got the last of it (even though I was the last person to order)? Does this now mean that I won't be getting "all I can eat?" After pondering this dilemma for several minutes, the waitress returns to our table and asks me, "Would you like some more shrimps?" Somewhat confused, I say "sure" and wait patiently. Sure enough, another plate of shrimp is brought out for me.

What the fuck? The manager just told Mike that they were all out, and no more than 5 minutes later the waitress is bringing me seconds?
The following conversation takes place:

Mike: The manager just told me that you were all out of shrimp.
Waitress: Yes, we are.
Me: So, does this mean this is the last I can get?
Waitress: No, if you'd like some more, we can make it with different shrimp, except they will be a little bigger.

What the fuck? So, I somehow manage to get the last of the fabled AYCE shrimp (even though Mike ordered before me), but I'm also offered "bigger" shrimp once they've run out of the regular shrimp. Meanwhile, they keep telling Mike who is sitting at the same fucking table that they're all out! It blew my mind! Why not just hook us both up with the "bigger" shrimp from the start if they were all out of regulars? Or, if they didn't want to serve the AYCE for whatever reason, tell us both that they're out. Don't tell one of us that it's all gone while simultaneously serving the other one seconds. The sheer ridiculousness of the situation was unbelievable.

So it seems that Sizzler has changed over the past couple of years - they prettied up the exterior while dumbing down the service. A lot. As far as the food went, mine was palatable, but I don't think either of my companions were too crazy about theirs. Needless to say, we'll be steering clear of that place from now on.

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Re: The mighty Sizzler!

Post by Hellraiser » Thu Aug 23, 2012 5:46 pm

Bump, How time flies and things change so quickly....

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