Fresco II

Now here by popular demand, dis muthafucka' be where all mah homies straight come ta talk 'bout they fine dining experiences. Did dat place have some FINE grub? Or was they tryin ta playa-hate on yo' crazy-phat ass?

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Fresco II

Post by Metal Lord » Fri Apr 29, 2005 2:33 pm

Glad to see this place up and running again after a 5 year or so hiatus. Formerly known as Cafe Fresco in the quartz hill area located in the corner of L & 50th west. It's now at L & 20th west in the Ralphs plaza.

Anyone who digs Italian or Mediterranean cuisine should give the place a try. Originally back in the day I was looking for a place that had falafels (just felt like eating one OK) but the closest I could get was a gyro. The gyro was as good as they get but the side dish of pasta salad was the shit and should be considered its own food group.

I wander into the new establishment and am greeted by the owner who I'm thinking is from NY judging by his accent and the way he carried himself - very cool dude but I can't help but think GoodFellas here. I try to explain what I was looking for but he says he can't remember making something like that as it was never on the menu at the old location.

I was sold on a different dish and it as pretty damn good. There is still some construction occuring there but the atmosphere is very prleasant having that old world Italain feel and the service is good. Above all the dude knows how to cook some shit that is fucking unbelievable.

If any of you peeps are in the area and your stomache is rumbling check it out.

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Post by Gomer » Sat Apr 30, 2005 2:06 am

Wow, it's not too often the restaurant forum gets some love these days.

I believe that I was at this place early last year (probably January 2004) for a company luncheon. I don't remember what exactly I got, but I remember I liked it. It's definately different from the majority of other restaurants you'll find in the AV. There just isn't a real big market for Mediterranean food out here it seems. A friend of mine used to bellydance at a similar place on Palmdale Blvd some time ago, but that place has been closed for a while. Don't remember what the name was, but the food was OK.

I wouldn't mind checking out Fresco again, but it's somewhat farther than I would like to go for dinner most nights.

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